… Is that I need to let go of my emotions. For so long I kept them to myself thinking they would be shunned or I would be told how to feel. I alienated my friends. I became emotionally distant. I used to think that I didn’t talk about my emotions because I only felt the raw pain of them for such short bursts that, when that burst was gone, my emotions went with it. 


I have repressed my emotions, my anger and my sorrow, the feeling of burning and betrayal. Now, I am sick of them leaking out and hurting all but the few that deserve it. But further, what I have learned that even those who create these feelings in me don’t deserve them. The satisfaction of reaction is too great. For these people I do not hate them, worse, I have no respect for them. I have no reason to acknowledge them and therefore the emotions attached to them have no purpose to me. This is my reason for letting go because, funnily enough, I am the happiest I have been in a very long time.

The most tired,

The most anxious,

but the happiest.


Sweet Jesus hear my prayer
Look down
Look down
Sweet Jesus doesn’t care

Saturday: Going to London. Seeing Les Mis. Going to dinner in China Town.

Sunday: Full day of shopping and a nice dinner with the family.

Monday: Levesdon studios

Tuesday: Meal and Cocktails with my closest friends

Wednesday: Meal with my grandparents and close family

Thursday: finding out I’ve wasted 2 years of my life Results and first proper night out

Friday: Recovery (much needed)

Saturday: Smashing the town!


To tell everybody how I’m feeling

but my mind is still convinced that no one is listening

just shut up

and go to bed

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